Messier-Dowty (Hall 2, D14) unveiled a prototype model of its Boeing 787 Dreamliner main and nose landing gear at the Paris airshow on Monday.

This is the company's first prime contract with Boeing for a commercial aircraft. The deal includes the design, development, testing and manufacture of the main and nose landing gear structure.

Boeing 787 prototype landing gear

The first cutting of steel for the project will start in Montreal in October. Peter Hall, public relations manager for Messier-Dowty, says: "Our previous work with Boeing on other non-commercial projects stood us in good stead to win this contract. It is a very important programme for us. Boeing has already had more than 200 orders for the 787 - which is in line with our expectations."

Messier-Dowty will incorporate titanium and fibre reinforced composite applications on the main gear. The main gear inner cylinder will be made from titanium, which is an industry first.

Over the next 18 months to two years, these systems will go through the production and testing process. Messier-Dowty is planning to set up a final assembly facility near the Boeing Everett plant.


The French company plans to produce the outer cylinder in Montreal, the inner cylinder in Bidos, France and the truck beam in Gloucester, UK. Some parts will also be produced at the company's Chinese facility in Suzhou.

The main landing gear baseline arrangement is a four-wheel truck/tripod concept, with oleo-pneumatic shock strut and dual folding and rolling braces, with a forward retracting cantilever gear with push-pull steering concept for the nose landing gear.

A single Life Cycle Product Team (LCPT) made up of Messier-Dowty and Boeing will research environmentally acceptable alternatives to chromium and cadmium and corrosion-free solutions based on increased use of titanium and corrosion-resistant steels, as part of the contract.

Source: Flight Daily News