The Japanese air self defence force (JASDF) has taken delivery of a fifth multi-purpose variant Gulfstream IV.

Equipped with a special cargo door measuring five feet by six feet, the aircraft is designed to meet the medical evacuation requirements of the Japanese defence agency.

"The cargo door equipped GIV-MPA adds significant flexibility to an already multi-purpose aircraft," says Monroe Sams, Gulfstream vice-president government sales and marketing.

"Passenger high-priority cargo and medical evacuation interiors provide the JASDF with an extremely versatile multi-mission aircraft." There are already five similarly outfitted cargo-door aircraft in operation with the US government.

Designated the U-4 in Japan, the aircraft are deployed in a variety of roles. The interior can be reconfigured in an hour, making it extremely versatile and underlining why the Gulfstream IV and IV-SPs have proved so successful with governments. Some 50 are in service with 19 governments worldwide.

"The market for Gulfstream special mission aircraft continues to expand worldwide," says Sams. With their range - up to 4,220nm (7,800km), extra performance margins, rugged design and reliability, Gulfstream is "the most capable and cost-effective business-jet-based special missions aircraft in the world."

Source: Flight Daily News