Manufacturer links up with to expand G-3 ultralight sales

German ultralight manufacturer Remos Aircraft is stepping up its marketing effort in the USA in an attempt to exploit the flourishing light sport aircraft (LSA) market in the country.

The Munich-based company, which produces the two-seat, composite G-3 ultralight, opened a new production facility in Berlin on 8 September where more than half of the aircraft produced will be earmarked for the USA. "We plan to produce 20 aircraft at the new facility in our first full year of production, ramping up to 200 as soon as we can," says Michael Meirer, Remos senior executive.

Meirer says the company is now in a strong position to expand its US presence having received a substantial capital injection from company chairman and majority shareholder Eberhard Farber. Remos recently appointed US-based LSA sales, distribution and support company to widen the appeal of the $90,000, high wing G-3 across the region.

G-3 Ultralight 
© Remos

The ultralight G-3 is to be modified with its cloth-covered wings to be replaced by a new metal version

"We have sold over 200 ultralight aircraft worldwide since the company was established 13 years ago. The G-3 is our third generation ultralight and is perfectly suited to the US LSA market, which is growing at an incredible pace," says Meirer.

Remos plans to replace the G-3's cloth-covered folding wings with a new metal version and has earmarked US and European approval for the upgraded G-3 next year.

Source: Flight International