Myasishchev has become the latest in a growing list of design bureaux to join the VPK MAPO aerospace-defence group. Myasischev's consolidation comes at the behest of the Russian Government.

The Sokol production plant in Nizhny Novogorod, which is producing MAPOMiG-29UB Fulcrum B trainers, MiG-31 Fox- hound interceptors and Myasishchev M-101 Gzhel executive turboprop aircraft, is also expected to become part of the group.

Discussions are also under way with the Arsenyev Progress plant, which manufactures Kamov Ka-50 Hokum attack helicopters, to join. The Kamov design bureau is already part of VPK MAPO.

Production levels at both the Sokol and the Arseneyev Progress have been reduced to a trickle as state funding for military orders has collapsed.

Source: Flight International