Hamilton Sundstrand has won a $115 million contract from NASA to design, develop and qualify water and oxygen generation assemblies for the International Space Station (ISS).

This is one of the largest development programmes undertaken by the company, which will be renamed Hamilton Sundstrand Space Systems International, following United Technologies' acquisition of Sundstrand.

The water and oxygen processors will be installed on the ISS Node 3, which will be launched in 2003 to provide living quarters for the crew.

The processors are integral to the ISS "closed loop" approach of providing life support for long-duration missions. Regenerative life support systems reduce the need for regular delivery of water and oxygen.

The oxygen system will provide air at ambient pressure and will replenish any oxygen lost by experiment ingestion, airlock depressurisation, carbon dioxide venting or leakage.

Water will be produced by reclaiming waste water - crew urine, cabin humidity condensation and waste hygiene water will be processed to potable water.

Source: Flight International