NASA WILL flight-test Honeywell's HG9500-based multi-function radar in its Sikorsky UH-60 helicopter testbed in late 1995, to demonstrate the unit's terrain- and obstacle-warning capabilities.

The UH-60 Rotorcraft Aircrew Systems Concepts Airborne Laboratory will carry the radar as part of the NASA Ames Research Center's automated nap-of-the Earth (ANOE) flight-demonstration programme. The forward-looking radar will display altitude, range to the obstacle, obstacle height and terrain-reference data to the pilot on a flat-panel, head-up or helmet-mounted display.

The test, based at NASA's Ames site near San Francisco, California, will include a pre-production radar and a real-time, "clear pathway in the sky" display developed by NASA for the ANOE project.

Source: Flight International