Canada-based AeroMechanical Services' trials of its automated flight information reporting system (AFIRS) datastreaming system in a Europe-based Hawker series aircraft has successfully demonstrated the system's ability to deliver "increased maintenance situational awareness".

Compressed aircraft health and operational data is transmitted to base via the Iridium satellite network, enabling real-time flight tracking, notification of exceedences, and any other predetermined parameters the operator wants.

Data transmission can be continuous, or periodic, or triggered by specified events, commanded by the crew, or requested from the ground, making maintenance planning more effective. Digital data recorded by the flight data recorder or any other sensor and storage system can be transmitted. The combination of flight tracking and engine data will also enable easier compliance with the draft emissions trading compliance and verification rules.

Canadian charter carrier Skyservice, has been using AeroMechanical's AFIRS - brand-named FLYHT - and its president Rob Giguere comments: "With AFIRS installed over the last three years, Skyservice has benefitted from uninterrupted worldwide communications and aircraft positioning monitoring, resulting in improved operational efficiencies, particularly fuel savings. With the introduction of FlyhtStream data streaming we will be able to substantially increase our level of maintenance situational awareness."

Source: Flight Daily News