GE Aviation (booth 5169) said at NBAA today that is making progress on two key business aviation engine programs, the GE Honda Aero Engines HF120 turbofan and the GE H80 turboprop engine, a derivative of the Walter M601.

For the HF120, a 50/50 joint venture with Honda, engineers over the next several weeks will begin mapping engine performance and operability of a prototype engine around the flight envelope in an altitude test chamber at GE's facilities in Evendale, Ohio.

Set for use on the $3.9 million HondaJet and the Spectrum Freedom, the HF120 is controlled by a dual-channel FADEC and will produce a take-off thrust of 2,050lb (9.1kN), weigh less than 400lb (180kg) and have 5,000h time between overhauls. Honda expects to fly its first conforming aircraft in January and deliver the first customer aircraft in the fourth quarter of 2011.

 GE H80 turboprop engine
 © GE H80 turboprop engine

In the turboprop arena, GE says it expects to begin certification testing by year-end on demonstrator engines for its new H80 turboprop. Derived from the Walter M601 engine series, the H80 engine will produce up to 800shp (595kW) for general aviation aircraft.

GE acquired certain assets of Walter Engines last year, introducing its 3D aerodynamic design techniques and advanced materials into the M601's engine's compressor, along with flowpath and material improvements to the turbine nozzle guide vanes.

The H80's two-stage axial compressor also includes an innovative turbine blisk design. Engine certification is expected in mid-2010.

Source: Flight Daily News