Kilfrost (booth 5513) is preparing to launch two sustainably produced de-icing fluids later this year. Meanwhile, business and general aviation aircraft operators looking for an improved in-flight de-icing solution are choosing to retrofit a fluid-based system produced by Kilfrost partner companies.

The new sustainable fluids include ABC4sustain, which has been developed for ground de-icing, while TKSsustain is for in-flight de-icing. These are undergoing final testing to win Federal Aviation Administration and other regulatory approval.

The sustainable Type 4 fluids are being launched a year after Kilfrost introduced the world's only commercially available Type 1 de-icing fluid, DFsustain. "For the first time ever, airports and airlines can choose a total, environmentally sensitive solution, which is also extremely effective," says Kilfrost chief executive Gary Lydiate.

Another new product, ABC-K Plus, is designed to improve anti-icing holdover time in conditions like falling snow, where a long taxi time is anticipated, providing a Type 2 solution to a problem normally dealt with using a Type 4.

Kilfrost says that increasing numbers of in-service business aircraft types, like the Cessna Caravan and Beechcraft King Air, are being retrofitted with a TKS fluid leading edge de-icing system, which forces de-icing fluid through a porous metal leading edge strip.

The Hawker range of business jets have long used this system, but the company says it is now catching on for many general aviation aircraft including Bonanza, Cessna, Mooney and Piper types that either had no de-icing system or a pneumatic boot.

Source: Flight Daily News