Vision Systems is revealing at the show its Visibox, which it claims is the first in-flight entertainment and communications system to combine all hardware for multimedia, cabin and connectivity management in a single box.

Designed to equip regional jet-sized aircraft, the French company says the Visibox enables to crew to manage all cabin functions and control videos, safety briefings and moving maps on passenger screens.

"The digital network architecture added to the daisy chain of the system offers a high image and sound quality, and facilitates the maintenance of the screens," says Vision Systems. Each screen is autonomous, and equipped with wireless and noise cancellation headphones.

A satellite communications link provides cell phone connectivity and internet access. It is also possible to print and scan documents and play video games.

Vision Systems has meanwhile developed the Dual Comfort Shade, which comprises two electrical shades in one system to optimise solar protection. The product has already been selected to equip a head-of-state VIP Airbus A330.

The first roller shade is designed for UV protection and the second for black-out. In addition to the two independent shades, the system offers an anti-jamming device, a remote control at the seat and a manual unlocking system in case of emergency.

The non-pleated blackout and UV filter shades can be customised using a range of fabrics.

Source: Flight Daily News