Avidyne (Booth 1772) is partnering with WSI Corporation to provide datalink weather information using Avidyne’s MLX770 two-way datalink transceiver and the Iridium satellite constellation.

The company will provide WSI’s weather data products, including worldwide graphical METARs, textual METARs, TAFs, and Winds and Temps Aloft. Premium services will include WSI’s NOWRad and SATRad imagery as well as worldwide lightning data.

Avidyne’s MLX770, announced in May of this year, uses the global 66-satellite Iridium satellite network and delivers datalink weather services to Entegra- and EX500-equipped aircraft.

Patrick Herguth, Avidyne’s chief operating officer, says: “The combination of Avidyne’s MLX770 and WSI’s exceptional weather data services will provide a broad range of aircraft operators with the industry’s most comprehensive coverage, regardless of where they fly.

“Together, we are offering the information and the technology that will allow operators worldwide to monitor and avoid threatening weather, enhancing safety and utility of their aircraft.”

The MLX770 delivers graphical weather and two-way text messaging for general aviation operations and is on display on the Avidyne stand aboard a Beechcraft King Air panel mock-up, along with an 8in Entegra EXP5000 Integrated Flight Deck retrofit system.

Avidyne and WSI originally teamed in 2007 to develop and manufacture Avidyne’s MLB700 and the WSI AV-300 and AV-350 satellite weather data and audio receivers, designed to receive WSI InFlight weather services and SIRIUS Satellite Radio programming.

Avidyne's also produces the Entegra Synthetic Vision System (SVS), which depicts 3D terrain based on the aircraft’s altitude above the ground. Its Entegra Enhanced Vision System (EVS) uses a Max-Viz EVS-100 infrared camera to enable pilots to see up to 10 times further in marginal Visual Flight Rules (VFR) conditions.


Source: Flight Daily News