Garrett Leather (Booth 2075) is the place to go if you want raw hide. The New York-based company, located aptly in Buffalo, has more than 2 million sq ft of leather in stock in 400 different colours.

Rob Conti, Garrett's vice president, says: “We pride ourselves in being able to say, if you want it today you can have it. Around 30-40% of our sales are to the major bizjet OEMs including Hawker and Gulfstream.

“We also offer custom logo embossing and perforating is also available. Our hides have a flame retardant treatment applied for optimal consistency.”

Garrett also offers unique 54in-wide woven leathers. Eleven distinct patterns are created through a weave of leather or leather with cotton cord or fine copper strands. Wovens can be used in combination with all Garrett Leather products including braided welt.

Garrett Leather

Source: Flight Daily News