Nearly 180,000 business jet flights are delayed due to weather each year. Honeywell (Booth 2000) is addressing this issue with IntuVue, a new family of 3-D weather radars designed for business aviation.

Intuvue enables flight crews to detect and avoid previously unforeseen turbulence, wind shears and dangerous storm activity and make more informed route decisions while reducing weather-related costs from diversions, injuries and aircraft damages.

A business aviation version of Honeywell’s Intuvue RDR4000, the IntuVue system uses volumetric scanning and 3-D display technology to show the weather along the flight plan, as well as in front of and behind the aircraft.

Gulfstream 650 is the first business-jet application of IntuVue, and Honeywell foresees IntuVue deployments on two new bizjet platforms within the next three to four years, including one in the VLJ category.

“Operators using IntuVue weather radar in commercial aircraft are experiencing 50% fewer turbulence-related incidents compared to existing business and general aviation radars,” says Robert Wilson, Honeywell’s business and general aviation president.

Source: Flight Daily News