L-3 Communications’ (Booth 4200) Trilogy ESI-1000 Electronic Standby Instrument is the first solid-state integrated standby system created specifically for Part 23 aircraft. Designed as a backup for glass cockpit avionics, Trilogy is expected to receive certification in early 2009.

Larry Riddle, VP of business development for L-3 Avionics Systems, says: “We were building standby instruments all the way back to Bill Lear and have built near on 100,000 units. We had the high end covered and now with Trilogy we have something available to the rest of the general aviation market, including piston prop aircraft.”

He continues: “Trilogy is revolutionary. There are thousands of glass cockpits flying today with outdated analogue instruments. Trilogy puts all the necessary back-up information – airspeed, altitude and attitude – in one place and in a layout pilots can read easily. This is a much safer transition going from glass cockpit to a true glass standby for general aviation.”

Trilogy replaces the usual standby instruments and uses a clear, 4in x 3in active matrix LCD display. The instrument fits easily into a standard 3–ATI mounting cut-out. It also has an integrated air data computer, solid-state attitude sensor and optional external magnetometer.

An ambient light sensor is integrated for automatic brightness control on both the screen and keyboard and units will be calibrated to 400kt and 55,000ft, with the ability to store aircraft configuration and options at time of installation. The model will be available through OEMs as well as for retrofit to modernise both glass and traditional cockpit configurations and exact pricing will be announced closer to certification.


Source: Flight Daily News