On the day that training specialist CAE starts its first training program for Embraer’s new Phenom 100, European air taxi operators of the first VLJs in service are expressing concern about the lack of availability of training slots on type.

The Cessna Citation Mustang – first of the VLJ or entry-level jets to market two years ago – is proving popular, but the training centers are struggling to meet demand.
Mustang operator Patrick Margetson-Rushmore, chief executive of UK charter operator London Executive Aviation, says getting slots on type is leading to delays in operation.

Greg McGowan, vice president of operations of Cessna’s training partner FlightSafety International, says the problem has arisen because of high demand: “Any time there is a new aircraft on the market everyone wants it.”

He confirms that there have been backlogs and the company intends to build more simulators. There are currently three Mustang simulators, two in Wichita and one in Farnborough, UK. A fourth will soon open in Orlando.

CAE , which operates the training joint venture with Embraer, is confident it will have simulators operating in Europe by the time the first Phenom delivery to the continent takes place.

Cessna training manager Chad Martin says there are scheduling delays for Citation Mustang simulators, and customers may get their training slots three to four weeks before their aircraft delivery rather than three months ahead of time.

Embraer may also face problems in Europe over the availability of instructors. It takes eight months to train an instructor in the UK rather than five in the US.


Source: Flight Daily News