Rockwell Collins (Booth 259) says the new Gulfstream G250 announced at the show on Sunday will feature its Pro Line Fusion avionics suite.

The Pro Line Fusion featured in Gulfstream's Planeview 250 flight deck will include three high-resolution 15in LCDs and two new Standby Multi-function Controllers (SMC) installed in the glare shield, which incorporates standby instruments and remote information on a 5.3in LCD.

The avionics will include many of Rockwell Collins’ advanced applications, including MultiScan Weather Radar, which can display conditions out to 300nm. Both Enhanced Vision (EVS) and Synthetic Vision (SVS) will also be available by the time the aircraft comes into operation in 2011.

Greg Irmen, Rockwell Collins vice president and general manager, business and regional, says: “This will be the most advanced flight deck technology available. We are working hard on the databases needed to bring SVS to the cockpit and also the software needed to fuse the data.”

Other equipment aboard the G250 will include the Rockwell Collins' HGS-6250 Head Up Guidance System, Dual FMS with Wide Area Augmentation (WAAS) capability and Traffic Surveillance System with ADS-B.

Pro Line Fusion

Source: Flight Daily News