Arinc Direct (Booth 2273) has expanded its portfolio of flight services for business aviation with its new, fully-integrated weight, balance and performance runway analysis application.

Developed in cooperation with the Aircraft Performance Group, the program will enable Arinc Direct customers to perform weight and balance (W&B) calculations on-line via the internet.

Customers can obtain take-off and landing limiting weights for specific airport and atmospheric conditions, as well as aircraft configuration. The take-off and landing analyses will provide customers with V-speeds, take-off distance required, runway length available, landing distance required, landing distance available, and the “Safe Distance” required as per FAA guidance.

Bob Hanley, Arinc vice president, business aviation solutions, says: “This is a very flexible and powerful program, with the features most corporate operators want. Along with our flight planning, runway analysis, and weather products, this weight and balance/performance solution completes the whole package business operators need for flight planning.”

Pilots and dispatchers now have the ability to generate a correct, revised W&B load manifest that accounts for last-minute changes in flight plans, payload, or fuel required, while ensuring that no performance limit is exceeded.

The new program also provides a means for customers to define fuel burn-off sequencing profiles if necessary. This allows operators to fine-tune their weight and balance envelope, taking both fuel economy and performance factors into account.

The new Weight & Balance/Performance application is available immediately to Arinc Direct customers through the Arinc Direct online portal. There is no additional charge for the program, but users must submit complete W&B data from their aircraft flight manual to start the service.

Arinc also plans to offer W&B/Performance access through standard mobile devices and smart phones in the near future. An interface for standard cockpit avionics is also planned, which will allow W&B calculations to be run directly from the cockpit.


Source: Flight Daily News