Hollwood superstar Harrison Ford joined Cessna CEO Jack Pelton this morning to renew their commitment to EAA’s (Booth 1326) efforts to bring young people into aviation.

Yesterday the two men announced Cessna’s pledge to support the sixth Citation Special Olympics Airlift. This will involve both Pelton and Ford flying Citations, including Ford’s CJ3, to bring special needs children and teens to the 2010 Special Olympics.

The ‘Indiana Jones’ actor isn’t certain if his celebrity status can help push the fleet of privately-owned Citations taking part in the Airlift past the target of 300, but he's glad to help. “I'm just glad to work with such an important project with such great kids,” he says.

Ford will continue as chairman of the EAA’s Young Eagles, helping nearly 100,000 children and teens take their first flight through the program each year. He took over the role in 2004 from legendary test pilot Chuck Yeager.

Pelton will continue to chair the Gathering of Eagles committee at least through July 2009, as well as the Oshkosh-based organization’s AirVenture convention and air show. He also says Cessna will remain “naming presenter” at the annual Gathering of Eagles event, which this year raised nearly $3 million in support of EAA’s outreach efforts.

Harrison Ford

Source: Flight Daily News