‘Carpet as Art’ is the motto of carpet specialist Kalogridis (Booth 4835), which is here displaying a variety of its luxurious, arty carpets.

“We design and manufacturer high-end carpet only for business aviation,” says director of sales Thilo Von Hahn. “We deal with custom-made carpets which can be hand-made, machine-made or a mixture, depending on the specification. We don’t just sell carpet designs we have our own in-house designers that can turn carpets in to pieces of art work in any material or colour. We can also work with external designers if the customer requires.”

The Dallas-based company also has its own in-house carpet dyeing capabilities, which can save time and money and also allows the designers to interact directly with the dye master who oversees the job.

“When we take on a project each carpet is original, we work closely with our customers, which can be that of an international celebrity to an oil magnate,” says Von Hahn.

Kalogridis carpet 

Also being displayed is its new Deconel flexible and lightweight panel coverings, a 3-D decorative panel. “Deconel is sound-absorbing up to 4.5Db and has strong abrasion and stain-resistant qualities. The soft panel material can be fitted for window, dado and lower sidewalls as well as headliners and bulkheads, with an extensive line of custom designs and applications.

The pattern can be designed to go with the carpet if required. It really adds to the luxury of a private jet,” says Von Hahn. Kalogridis also offers a quick turnaround program for those customers that need a fast delivery.

Source: Flight Daily News