Innovative Solutions and Support (booth 3881) is joining the ranks of avionics makers offering synthetic vision systems with a new enhancement for its Vantage cockpit upgrade.

Based on a Jeppesen terrain and obstacle database customized by IS&S, the system is likely to see first use as part of a Dassault Falcon 2000 and Falcon 2000EX upgrade program for aircraft that are not equipped with Honeywell Epic-based EASy cockpits.

The Dassault upgrade program, announced here at NBAA, will initially include four 10.4in (26.4cm) flat panel displays that will provide the ability to have moving maps, XM weather and electronic charts with the inclusion of Class 3 electronic flight bags. SVS is likely to be included in a future iteration of the flightdeck.

Roman Ptakowski, president of IS&S, says the Dassault upgrade provides new glass and other options while allowing operators to keep existing equipment, a design consideration of Vantage that results in a lower-cost, faster refurbishment.

The system will provide a 75-80% reduction in power, a weight savings of 45lb (20kg) and a factor of 20 increase in reliability, says IS&S. A similar three-panel Vantage-based upgrade available for the PC-12 costs $170,000.

Cessna recently gained supplemental type certificate approval for a similar but more comprehensive cockpit upgrade for its legacy Citation 500, 550, S550 and 560-series aircraft.

Priced at about $300,000 installed, the system includes options for two or three 10.4in displays that supply electronic charts, electronic checklists, enhanced vision, WAAS GPS, XM weather and cabin video.

Cessna has completed the upgrade on three Citations to date, says Ptakowski, adding that the market potential for all applicable Cessna and Dassault aircraft represents about 4,800 aircraft.

Source: Flight Daily News