While Aerion has narrowed an extended engine selection process for its supersonic business jet down to two options, it missed a self-imposed deadline to announce a propulsion supplier at this year’s show, says chief executive Doug Nichols.

“We thought we’d be there now,” he says. “But we’re doing more analysis. We want to get it right.”

The overall power requirement for the AS2 trijet remains fixed at about 48,000-50,000lb thrust, which equates to about 16,000-17,000lb thrust per engine, he says.

The company has received a “couple of solid” proposals from engine suppliers, Nichols says.

Aerion still expects to submit an

application to the US Federal Aviation Administration for a new type certificate for the supersonic business jet in 2017, he adds.

That timing is important for complying with pending community noise regulations.

After 2017, the FAA will require aircraft weighing more than 121,000lb (54,800kg) to comply with much stricter Chapter 14 noise standards.

The AS2 currently weighs less than 121,000lb on paper, but Aerion wants to submit the application in 2017 anyway in case the weight of the aircraft grows through the development cycle.

Aerion is currently targeting an engine selection decision in 2017, Nichols says.

Source: Flight Daily News