Airbus Corporate Jets has tightened its relationship with CAMP Maintenance Solutions to offer an integrated computer-based maintenance planning service for ACJ aircraft.

The new product, called CAMP for ACJ, gives corporate jet customers with maintenance planning as an extension to Airbus’ in-house customer care centre. Airbus as the manufacturer defines the maintenance tasks required to keep its aircraft airworthy, while CAMP’s software-based maintenance management tools can chart an optimal service schedule.

There are 170 ACJ single-aisle and widebody aircraft in service today, and CAMP already supports about 70 of those from its centres in North America, Europe and Asia. The first customer for the CAMP for ACJ brand was named today as UK’s Acropolis Aviation.

“We are committed to helping customers and operators to get the best from their Airbus aircraft and this new service answers their needs,” managing director of ACJ Benoit Defforge says. “CAMP for ACJ is a fully digital solution, available on any computer, smart phone or tablet with internet access.” The CAMP partnership comes as Airbus pushes its improved ACJneo and expands its service network for line and heavy maintenance, cabin-refurbishing and cabin and system upgrades.

Source: Flight Daily News