Emteq (booth 3793) has updated its Quasar series of LED mood lighting equipment to be smaller and lighter than its previous mood lighting offering.

Each lighting panel in the Quasar II series is 30% smaller than the first generation of Quasar products. It features red, green, blue and amber lights that together create customizable lighting schemes.

Unlike the older version, the Quasar II can run on either 28V or 115VAC voltage. Previously, the lights were designed with 28V operating voltage, but strong demand in the VIP sector for larger aircraft caused Emteq to re-design the product to run on 115VAC power. This change eliminates the need for converters and external power supplies when installing the lights on commercial-sized aircraft. The company says that its original iteration of the Quasar series has been "wildly" successful" for the Boeing Business Jet and other large aircraft.

The lights can be turned on and off with personal electronic devices by using Emteq's eConnect, which provides connectivity to the cabin, storage for multimedia content and a cabin management system all in one box. The eConnect is flying on several aircraft and awaiting a parts manufacturing approval.

Emteq says it has sold 26,000ft. (7,924m) of the Quasar products since introducing it in 2006 and is in talks with several customers about purchasing the new version of the mood lighting.

Source: Flight Daily News