Falko, a new UK-based aircraft asset manager making its NBAA debut, is now targeting the mining industry's "fly-in, fly-out" (FIFO) market with its Avro Business Jet (ABJ).

Chris Sedgwick, technical sales executive for Falko explains: "Over the past two years, our extensive ABJ promotion has resulted in growing interest in the FIFO mining and exploration transport support sector. This is a role for which the aircraft with its 'SUV' qualities is particularly well-suited and where we already have a lot of experience. So while we will continue to offer platforms for conversion to executive layout we now expect to turn our marketing efforts more towards this FIFO segment."

He adds: "For many years we have been supplying BAe 146/Avro RJ aircraft to Cobham Aviation Services in Australia for their FIFO operations principally in Western Australia to serve the huge exploration industry in the state." Cobham has recently acquired another BAe 146QT freighter, and has one equipped with the BAE Systems-designed unpaved runway kit to enable connection to more remote airfields."

In addition to the Australian market, Minera San Cristobal of Bolivia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan-based Sumitomo, operates a BAe 146-200 to shuttle mineworkers and executives to and from the mine.

Source: Flight Daily News