Kansas-based avionics supplier Garmin will formally unveil two new navigation and communication devices at NBAA.

The GTS-8000 TCAS II is selected as the traffic collision avoidance system for the G5000 flight deck on the Cessna Citation Ten and Bombardier Learjet 70/75, but was not formally launched until it received certification by the US Federal Aviation Administration. Garmin passed that milestone last month, says Bill Stone, Garmin's avionics product manager.

TCAS II systems generate both traffic advisories and collision avoidance advisories in the vertical plane.

Stone declines to elaborate on future applications, but acknowledges the possibility. "Hope burns eternal," he says.

Garmin also is showing the GTX-3000 mode S transponder, a data link for traffic information service from air traffic control. The Mode S is designed to be equipped on Garmin flight decks, but can also be installed as standalone equipment, Stone says. The latest model offers a path toward compliance with the automatic dependent surveillance broadcast (ADSB) system.

Source: Flight Daily News