After lifting veil on two new jets on 14 October, Gulfstream's next step will be to next explain major advances in how both aircraft will be manufactured.

The launch of the G500 and G600 a week before the NBAA convention included the revelation that Gulfstream will build the wing and assemble the full aircraft in a new factory built in Savannah, Georgia.

Gulfstream G500 & G600


But the General Dynamics subsidiary is keeping a new manufacturing process developed for the G500 and G600 under wraps for now, except to tease the industry with hints of significant changes.

In 2012, the G650 entered service after emerging from an assembly process that requires 80% fewer fasteners and 50% fewer parts overall than even the smaller G550 and G450 jets, Gulfstream president Larry Flynn says.

“When you step to the 500 and 600 you'll see us start talking about a significant advancement from the 650 in terms of how build it, and tools and machinery,” he says. “So we’ll unveil that in the coming months.”

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Source: Flight Daily News