Universal Weather and Aviation is playing a pivotal role in helping Honeywell expand its service offering for its global data center (GDC) operators with international trip support services.

Under a new exclusive pact between the two firms, Honeywell will provide expanded, 24/7 services to GDC operators to support all of their global needs - from permits to ground services coordination and other aviation services such as hotel bookings and security.

"Customers have been coming to Honeywell through our global data center and we've been providing tens of thousands of flight plans per month for those customers, and they asked us to go look at how we could provide international trip support for their operations," Carl Esposito, Honeywell vice president, marketing & product management told Flight Evening News.

"Universal has been the 50-year leader in that space of providing international trip support services, so we thought it was a great complement for both companies to work together - Honeywell from a [standpoint of] leadership in the global data center, leadership in the avionics and onboard datalink systems, and Universal from their leadership in the international trip support and global operations to help customers with those aircraft when they land on the ground."

Universal senior vide president, trip support services Pete Lewis added: "The combination of services will provide a simple, all-inclusive solution for operators. With GDC, we can ensure that every aspect of an operator's trip is covered, from the initial flight planning to the final flight-following message that the aircraft has arrived at its destination."

Honeywell customers can now access the combined GDC flight planning and flight following services coupled with Universal's international trip support service by contacting Honeywell GDC.

Source: Flight Daily News