International Communications Group (ICG) is teaming with Overlook Consulting to bring operational approval services to pilots and flight departments that have a need for Future Air Navigation System (FANS1/A) and polar routing solutions using ICG's Iridium transceivers.

FANS-equipped aircraft enjoy preferred assigned and user preferred routing, dynamic re-routing, weather deviations, access to polar routes and improved air traffic control communications, all of which reduce the cost of flight in oceanic and remote airspace.

"With the FAA, EuroControl and Air Navigation Service Providers [ANSPs] moving from flightdeck voice to datalink communications, operators are compelled to decide how they will address the situation," said ICG CEO Scott Trainum, noting that since the FAA and other ANSPs have endorsed FANS over Iridium, it is anticipated that two of the North Atlantic tracks will become FANS-only by the end of 2012 with other tracks to follow.

In addition, aircraft operating with FANS by February 2014 will be exempt from Europe's "Link 2000" requirements.

Separately, ICG has announced that the first production units of its new cordless cabin telephone system 'ePhone' will be available for shipment in December. The initial units will be used by ICG and its customers in testing to acquire supplemental type certificates for the new handset on various aircraft models.

ICG also anticipates receiving parts manufacturing approval for the ePhone, docking station and base unit during the first quarter 2012.

Source: Flight Daily News