Jeppesen has announced that charter operator Corporate Flight Management has received Federal Aviation Administration approval to use the recently introduced Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck app for the iPad as an alternative to paper aeronautical charts.

The authorization allows Corporate Flight Management to begin a transition from paper to iPad for all phases of flight. To win approval, the operator completed more than 627 flight hours and 375 flight segments, using 12 different airframes. Tim Huegel, director of Jeppesen aviation portfolio management, explained: "The FAA authorization of Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck on iPad for Corporate Flight Management follows on the success of a similar process for our earlier product, Jeppesen Mobile TC, and sets a positive precedent for other operators who are seeking to deploy mobile EFB solutions."

The iPad was tested as an operating electronic flight bag (EFB) with paper material back-up during the probationary period conducted with an FAA Principal Operations Inspector. Corporate Flight Management also expanded on the FAA's basic EFB requirements by developing crew familiarization procedures for safety and compliance, using the iPad. The authorized EFB configuration is a Class 1 portable, kneeboard EFB solution that is secured and viewable during critical phases of flight.

The EFB features data-driven and interactive digital en route navigation information and worldwide geo-referenced terminal charts.

Source: Flight Daily News