After acquiring SKF’s Fly-By-Wire Systems France earlier this year, Lord’s booth at the show offers a glimpse into how the technology from both companies fits together.

The booth features a cockpit mock-up with FbW’s full suite of passive inceptors, including sidesticks, pedals, throttle levers and flap handles. The French supplier is known mostly for supplying the pioneering sidesticks for the fly-by-wire Airbus A320, but the mock-up features the integrated suite of inceptors selected by Embraer for the Legacy 450 and 500 business jets.

Elsewhere in Lord’s booth are samples of the parent company’s technology, which include active vibration control systems developed for military helicopters. By borrowing the underlying technology, including electric motors and software controls, Lord believes the combination could lead to the development of active side­sticks, which are rising in popularity in commercial aviation cockpits.

Source: Flight Daily News