Millennium Concepts of Wichita, Kansas, has signed a contract to provide passenger and crew seats for Piper Aircraft's very light jet, the single-engined PiperJet.

The seating system has been undergoing extensive testing, says Kevin Reifschneider, Millennium's president and managing director, and "this testing has demonstrated that it is one of the safest and most reliable seats available for this class of aircraft. In fact, it has been shown to withstand loads of up to 30 times the force of gravity (or 30gs), he says.

The lightweight seats are equipped with adjustable headrests and a break-over seat back, and can be reclined. The passenger seat will include a three-point restraint system. The crew version of the seat adds a dual harness torso restraint system, adjustable height, floor tracking and lumbar support. Both seats have discrete energy-absorbers in the seat pan and feature bolsters around the torso and thighs for maximum support.

"For years aviation seat designs have sought to emulate automotive technology when it comes to both comfort and 'producability,' and this seat fits that description," says Reifschneider. "We've incorporated lighter materials, injection molding and high-precision CNC-based manufacturing techniques in the production of this seat, as opposed to traditional welded frame design using steel, which is generally heavier and less efficient."


Source: Flight Daily News