Rockwell Collins unveiled the Skybox at NBAA, an inflight entertainment system that allows travelers on business jets to stream digital rights management Hollywood movies to displays in the cabin and on Apple devices.

The Skybox has a terabyte of capacity to fit multimedia files, which can include movies, music and television shows as well as business documents. The box transmits this data wirelessly to up to 10 devices with the Apple iOS operating system, which passengers watch on demand.

Dassault Falcon models with the FalconCabin HD+ cabin management system will be the first aircraft types to feature the Skybox. These include the Falcon 7X, Falcon 900LX and Falcon 2000LX. The first 7X and 900LX aircraft to have the FalconCabin HD+ onboard will be delivered by the end of 2012, Rockwell Collins says. Deliveries on the 2000LX will begin in mid-2013.

"The FalconCabin HD+ system is rich with new technology that elevates the passenger experience to a new level of engagement," said Dave Austin, Rockwell Collins' vice president and general manager, cabin systems. "The addition of Skybox brings the latest in the digital home entertainment experience into the aircraft cabin."

Rockwell Collins and Dassault Falcon Jet worked together to create the FalconCabin HD+ system, which includes several touchscreen displays that can be installed throughout the aircraft for high-definition audio and video.

The Skybox has received authorization from the FAA, and Rockwell Collins' authorized dealers are selling the product now.

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Source: Flight Daily News