Joint development of the G150 by Gulfstream and revenue-sharing partner Israel Aircraft Industries will take 36 months. The mid-size jet combines the wing of the G100, also used on the larger G200, with a wider fuselage, uprated Honeywell TFE731 engines and Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 integrated avionics.

Seating up to eight passengers, the cabin will be 1.75m (5.75ft) wide, compared with the G100's 1.45m. Height remains at 1.75m. "The G150 will have the most comfortable cabin and best performance in its class," says president Bill Boisture. The 5,000km design range is at a Mach 0.75 cruise speed, with four passengers.

Honeywell is offering both an uprated TFE731-40 and the more powerful TFE731-50 now under development (see P31). Pro Line 21 avionics include four 300 x 250mm (12 x 10in) flat-panel displays, dual flight management systems, integrated radios and optional single or dual file servers allowing display of electronic charts and graphical weather.

Source: Flight International