Snecma (2579) has launched ground testing on the Silvercrest engine powering the super mid-size Cessna Longitude.

A mock-up of the 9,500-12,000lb-thrust turbofan was formally unveiled this morning at Snecma parent Safran's exhibit booth.

In Villaroche, meanwhile, Snecma is building eight engines for the testing and certification program. But the first engine to test has been fully instrumented with sensors measuring 900 parameters.

"Today's test is a major milestone for the entire Silvercrest team and the program, and will pave the way for certification," says Silvercrest general manager Laruence Finet.

The first engine to test comes five months after it was selected by Cessna to enter service in 2017.

The engine is designed to reduce fuel consumption by 15% and nitrous oxide emissions by 50% compared with current standards, Snecma says.

Source: Flight Daily News