Stallion 51 has unveiled its new Unusual Attitude Training subsidiary to train more business aircraft pilots about recovering from unusual attitudes.

The Kissimmee, Florida-based company is offering instrument and visual flight rules training on the L-39 turbojet aircraft and visual flight rules training on the TF-51 mustang. The L-39 aircraft is outfitted with an electronic flight system designed to function while the aircraft is flying at extreme altitudes.

TF-51 Mustang

UAT/Paul Bowen

Lee Lauderback, Stallion 51 president, says that while the upset recovery skills in the program have been prominent in military training applications, business operators typically have not gone through recovering training during their flying career.

"There's still reluctance in the corporate world," said Lauderback.

One unique aspect of UAT's curriculum is that it incorporates teaching from AvMed, the medical division of Stallion 51. Through the program, students can learn about spatial disorientation and its side effects, such as vertigo.

Lauderback says the company has already seen about a dozen pilots complete its instrument flight rules program so far and will work with business aircraft operators to customize their training based on past flying experience.

Source: Flight Daily News