Thales is providing a bespoke electrical system to convert and generate power for the new Falcon 5X.

Thales is displaying the system at NBAA. It provides power to start the aircraft’s Safran Silvercrest engines and converts power for the avionics and cabin electrical systems.

Thales has combined the power generator and starting mechanism into a single unit, a feature it says will provide savings and environmental benefits that can reduce the cost of ownership for ­operators.

Thales 640


The starter-generator will provide business jet operators with the flexibility to take off and land at airports lacking advanced infrastructures and equipment such as ground power units.

This is the first time Dassault has chosen a brushless starter-generator for one of its aircraft models,

While the concept has been introduced on commercial aircraft, it is a first for an aircraft the size of the 5X, says says Guy Lefebvre, president of Thales Avionics Electrical Systems. One of the benefits of the starting system is that it can be used to start the main aircraft engines without pneumatics, says Lefebvre.

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Source: Flight Daily News