Celebrating its 30th birthday at NBAA, Thrane & Thrane has announced plans to introduce a new software and hardware version of its cockpit and cabin connectivity system, Aviator 700.

The company said the version will make the solution ready for expected requirements for future air navigation.

Following completion of an STC installation on a Falcon 900 aircraft of the Level-D software and hardware - expected in December of this year - the new Aviator 700D system will allow for Future Air Navigation System (FANS), Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) and voice safety service operations via the system's cockpit data and H+ voice channels.

Aviator 700 provides both Inmarsat Classic and SwiftBroadband services in one package for a multitude of applications including cockpit voice dialling, in-flight calling and internet browsing.

"By satisfying forthcoming mandates for future air navigation, the integration of the new Level D software and hardware will offer a straightforward upgrade for existing Level E systems, making it a cost-effective option for retrofit customers seeking to update their systems in line with FANS and CPDLC," said Thrane & Thrane.

Speaking about the Denmark-based company's 30-year milestone, the vice president of Thrane & Thrane's aeronautical business unit, Kim Gram, said: "From the early days with our legacy Aero-C, M and I products until now with our revolutionary Aviator SwiftBroadband portfolio, Thrane & Thrane remains at the top of its game and is set to maintain this position for many years to come."

Source: Flight Daily News