Gulfstream has increased maximum range of the ultra-large-cabin G650 by 20% to 6,000nm (11,112km) at the Mach 0.9 high-speed cruise setting.

The increase was the highlight of two major performance updates for the newly certificated G650 at NBAA. Gulfstream also removed 142ft (43.3m) from the G650's balanced field length requirement at a maximum take-off weight of 99,600lb (45,200kg).

The high-speed range boost redefines the G650's appeal in certain markets. The 1,000nm improvement in range allows the aircraft to connect new city pairs such as Tokyo and New York and Shanghai to London, but 40min faster than compared with the same mission on a G550.

"When every minute counts, a 40min savings is considerable," says Pres Henne, senior vice president of programs, engineering and test.

Gulfstream bills the G650 as the world's fastest civilian jet, with a maximum cruise speed of Mach 0.925. It will remain the fastest until Cessna certifications the Citation Ten at M0.935 next year.

Gulfstream G650


The Rolls-Royce BR725 A1-12-powered G650, however, has not yet conceded the speed title to Cessna's smaller rival. Steve Cass, Gulfstream's director of sales engineering and technical marketing, says the G650 still has margin to increase the maximum certificated cruise speed by "a little", although he acknowledges the engines are close to hitting their figurative "brick wall".

The G650 was certificated by the US Federal Aviation Administration last month, and is being prepared for first delivery to a customer by the end of the year.

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Source: Flight Daily News