Maryland-based North Eastern Aeronautical (Neany) has revealed proposals for ground attack and air ambulance versions of its developmental Arrow high-payload unmanned air vehicle. The armed version could be equipped with twin 0.5in calibre machine guns and up to 200 rounds of ammunition without reducing its 16h endurance capability, says company president Steve Steptoe.

Arrow UAV big

Chaff and flare dispensers could also be fitted to the rear fuselage for self-protection or as target markers for other strike aircraft. The air-ambulance version would co-operate with manned search and rescue aircraft.

The existing line-of-sight datalink would be replaced with a satellite link and telehealth support system enabling communications with medical specialists. Deriving the UAV from a certificated light aircraft should help ease the certification process, says Steptoe.

Neany is developing the basic Arrow UAV, derived from the Titan Aircraft Tornado 912 kitplane, for the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) with the project managed by US Naval Air Systems Command. SOCOM is funding the development of the Arrow as a candidate for its low-cost, high-payload test and evaluation UAV requirement.


Source: Flight International