American continues to adjust its network at New York John F Kennedy with plans to drop Orlando service in May.

The Oneworld Alliance carrier will end twice-daily service between JFK and Orlando using a Boeing 737-800 on 2 May, FlightGlobal schedules data shows. It will continue to serve the Florida city from New York LaGuardia airport.

American has been tweaking its network at JFK for the past half-year. It has dropped service to Denver, Dublin, Edinburgh and Port-au-Prince since last July, when it announced plans to concentrate capacity growth on its most profitable hubs, Charlotte and Dallas/Fort Worth.

Vasu Raja, vice-president of network and schedule planning at American, said in August that the changes were designed to focus its JFK network on strong business markets.

"At JFK, our service does best when we fly big international flagship markets, like Sao Paulo and London, and also domestic markets [such as] our hubs like LA, Dallas and things like that," he said.

Even with the changes, American's capacity at JFK is only scheduled to decrease 0.4% year-on-year during the first six months of 2019, while seat capacity will increase 2.1%.

The carrier plans to grow system capacity by roughly 3% in 2019.

Delta Air Lines and JetBlue Airways also fly between JFK and Orlando, schedules data shows.

Source: Cirium Dashboard