FedEx and United Airlines have joined the fray for the three daily frequencies to Havana available to US carriers, bringing the total number of requests to six flights.

FedEx wants a frequency for daily all-cargo service between Miami and Havana on a Cessna 208, it says in a filing with the US Department of Transportation on 5 May.

United wants six-weekly frequencies to increase its Saturday-only flight between Houston Intercontinental and Havana to daily from 28 October, in its own filing with the regulator. It would operate either a Boeing 737 or Embraer 175 on the new flights.

American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue Airways and Southwest Airlines have each applied for one daily frequency.

Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines are returning the three daily frequencies to the DOT. They both found Cuba service to be too challenging and costly for their low-cost operations.

JetBlue calls for a formal frequency allocation proceeding in its own filing with the DOT. The New York-based carrier cites existing practice and the fact that applications exceed the number of available frequencies.

The airline wants a daily Havana frequency for an additional six-weekly flights to Fort Lauderdale and new once weekly service to Boston.

Delta and FedEx support JetBlue's request for a proceeding, while Southwest opposes the request.

American does not comment on the possible proceeding in its own filing, but has said previously that it will request additional frequencies if the DOT begins one.

United seeks to participate in a proceeding if one occurs.

Both American and Delta have requested one daily frequency for an additional Miami-Havana flight, and Southwest one for an additional Fort Lauderdale-Havana flight.

Source: Cirium Dashboard