At first glance, 2017 looks like it will be a tough year. Demand outlook indicators have largely turned from green to amber as we see the potential slowing of the demand cycle. Traffic growth will also be lower in 2017 than 2016, with Airlines facing cost increases from fuel prices and labour costs limiting their ability to stimulate demand from lower ticket prices.

V1EWPoint Q1 2017

However, while demand indicators suggest clouds are gathering on the horizon, the question is whether they will break and we will we see sunshine or showers.

Flight Ascend Consultancy’s latest quarterly insight, V1ewpoint, looks at the trends financiers and lessors need to be aware of to help them mitigate the risks 2017 brings.

In this issue:

Insight Bullet A review of 2016 and how this year will be different

Richard Evans looks back at the commercial market and considers what may occur in 2017.

Insight Bullet Shifting sands – movement of aircraft values

George Dimitroff reviews the latest value updates and gazes into the crystal ball for 2017.

Insight Bullet Time of transition for the air cargo market

Chris Seymour looks at air cargo market developments and the start of 737NG conversions.

Insight Bullet Lessor impact on mid-life aircraft trading

Thomas Kaplan looks at 40 years of data on mid-life aircraft to discern the emerging patterns.

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