Honsier Fonderie Messier (Hall 2B, D11) is displaying its most lightweight aircraft parts yet, thanks to the development of a new alloy.

Magnesium-based WE43 was developed last year and is 30% lighter than aluminium alloys. It is currently being used to manufacture door hinges for the Airbus A340. A main transmission gear box and cover and accessory gear box have also been manufactured for use in helicopters.

"We were able to cast the helicopter transmission equipment in one piece for the first time when we used WE43 which is amazing considering the part's complexity," says Christoph Kretzschmar, customer service director.

As well as the weight savings, WE43 is highly heat and corrosion resistant. Honsier manufactures parts for both the aviation and automotive industries. Aviation clients include Eurocopter, Snecma, EADs and Rolls-Royce.

Source: Flight Daily News