Goodrich has received Technical Standard Order (TSO) approval for its new GH-3100 Electronic Standby Instrument System (ESIS). The GH-3100 ESIS has been selected as standard equipment for the new Gulfstream V-SP as well as the Agusta AB139.

The GH-3100, based on the GH-3000, has an integrated air data sensor card with pitot static connections directly to the unit, eliminating the need for a remote-mounted air data computer. Designed to replace conventional standby instruments for attitude, airspeed and altitude, the solid-state GH-3100 ESIS provides these three functions plus heading, slip/skid, navigation data and vertical speed, in a single 3in (8cm) flat-panel Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (AMLCD).

The AMLCD gives exceptional readability in both direct sunlight and darkness. It offers clear off-axis viewing and anti-aliasing of graphics for crisp readouts at any attitude.

The GH-3100 can be customised to visually match the aircraft's primary flight display system, providing an additional measure of safety when transitioning from primary to standby instrumentation.

The system can interface with the aircraft's navigation systems, providing more interfaces and flexibility than any other standby on the market.

Source: Flight Daily News