Thailand’s General Aviation company plans to open a heliport near downtown Bangkok to meet anticipated demand for VIP transport services.

The Loxley subsidiary, which serves as a sales agent for Bell Helicopter, says the new Bangkok City Heliport will initially be located at the city’s international seaport and will open within months. But the heliport will be moved to a permanent site closer to downtown in 16 to 18 months.

The heliport will offer immigration and customs facilities, a VIP lounge and line maintenance. Si-Chang, which offers a VIP shuttle service using two Eurocopter/Kawasaki BK117s based at Bangkok’s Don Muang airport, plans to move to the new heliport. General Aviation, whose partnership with Bell will expire at the end of this year, expects other operators will also use the facility as demand for helicopter services in Thailand grows.


Source: Flight International