Mike Martin

A worldwide aviation product support group was launched at the show yesterday.

Bowthorpe of the UK announced the creation of Spirent Systems, made up of five established aviation companies - Penny & Giles Aerospace, Flight Data Company, Aviation Information Solutions, Avtech Solutions and WPDS. The group of companies straddle the Atlantic, with bases in the UK and USA.

"Our vision is to bring all of our resources to bear upon the primary challenge facing modern aviation, increasing operating efficiency while safeguarding and raising flight safety standards," Bowthorpe group president Robert Potter said at the show.

"We have a unique breadth of technological expertise. Our world-leading hardware capabilities and our more recent and extremely powerful software expertise makes us uniquely placed to serve the world's civil and defence aviation."

Product and services offered by the new company include voice and data recorders, replay analysis tools and flight deck workstations.

New approach

The new integrated approach, covering products and services, will allow clients to benefit from the capture and use of data which is often isolated or redundant. Potter says the aim is to help customers improve the way in which aviation assets flow, are configured, maintained and supported.

"In short, we understand the business of flight and deliver solutions that unlock the value of assets and deliver this value to the bottom line."

Source: Flight Daily News