Ibis Aerospace announced $100 million worth of orders for its Ae270 single engine turboprop yesterday, the commitments coming from the first six appointed distributors, who were also named during a press briefing at the show.

Marketing director Jeff Conrad identified what he describes as a "charter group" of distributors, who will ultimately be part of a planned network of 16 distributors worldwide.

The first US distributor, Piedmont-Hawthorne of Winston-Salem, North Carolina has committed to nine aircraft; South African distributor CDC Aviation of Johannesburg has committed to 12 and Australasian distributor Ibis Aircraft Sales has taken six.

A further 24 orders came under Memoranda of Understanding signed with a further three North American distributors: Field Aviation Sales of Mississauga, Ontario; Elliot Aviation of Moline, Illinois and Stevens Aviation in Greenville, South Carolina.

The Ae270 being flown as part of the aerial display at Le Bourget is the first production prototype. First deliveries of the aircraft are scheduled for early in 2003.

Source: Flight Daily News