Ottawa-based EMS Satcom (booth 4247) has added a new intermediate-gain antenna to its eNfusion range of Inmarsat satellite communications products.


The AMT-3500 is designed to support the current Inmarsat Aero I service – voice and low-speed data inside the spot-beam coverage of the Inmarsat-3 satellites – as well as the forthcoming 432Kbit/s-per-channel SwiftBroadband, and is compact enough to fit most business jets.
“The availability of AMT-3500 will extend SwiftBroadband connectivity from the largest business jets, with their high-gain antennas, to aircraft much further down the size range,” says EMS Satcom general manager Dr Neil Mackay.

Designed to conform with the new Arinc 781 standard for lightweight satcoms, AMT-3500 features an integral beam-steering unit, reducing from three to two the number of line replacement units required in a typical installation.

AMT-3500 has already been selected by Airbus and passenger communications provider OnAir as part of the standard satcoms fit for A320-family airliners. EMS Satcom also markets two high-gain systems - the fin-mounted, mechanically steered AMT-50 and the top-mounted AMT-3800 phased array.

Source: Flight Daily News