Lovers of light aircraft are in for a treat next 18-21 May at Le Bourget. Air Expo International, a four-day event, will bring together all the sectors that make up the general aviation (GA) market, which represents more than 80% of all registered aircraft.

Show organiser Reed-OIP sees GA as an area of the aviation world not well serviced by the existing exhibition circuit but one which attracts a great deal of interest.

With the exception of Aero/Friedrichsafen in Germany, there is really no GA show in Europe - and with so many mega-deals done by the giants of the military and civil industries here at the show, it can be overshadowed.

The organisers expect to attract around 400 exhibitors, including around 50 aircraft manufacturers.

The show will feature a market where potential purchasers can make their deals and become owners. About 20 vintage aircraft will also be on display.

Source: Flight Daily News