Good fortune has shone early on Pratt & Whitney at Farnborough - its newly-certificated PW4090 engines are powering the Boeing 777 in the static display.

Flight tests of the 400kN (90,000lb) thrust engine on the 777 began at Boeing's Seattle, Washington factory less than a month ago on 3 August.

Tests have run so smoothly, however, that Boeing decided to bring its aircraft to the Show with these engines, which are the most powerful of the PW4000 series.

"We are proud that we are able to be on the 777 at the show," says P&W spokesman Mark Sullivan, who confirms that the first two customers for the PW4090-powered 777 will be United Air Lines and Korean Airways. Deliveries will begin next March.



The FAA tests ran the engine through 750 cycles to maximum exhaust-gas and combustor-exit temperatures, overboost thrust to 410kN, and nearly 63h of resonance endurance steps.

"The PW4090 proved its robustness throughout these very tough tests," says Robert Wolfe, P&W's president of the Large Commercial Engines unit.

"The dependability of our 284cm (112 in) fan design, based on the common PW4000 family technology, has proven again, just as it has been for more than a year now on revenue service on the 777."



Source: Flight Daily News